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SFS is built around the core principle of a so-called "scale free" network.  Many natural networks are scale free, including the internet and social networks.  A scale free network is characterized by highly connected "hubs" which connect to individual "nodes". 

Many nodes in a scale free network are ONLY connected through the central hub.  SFS seeks to be this "hub", rapidly connecting a customer with very specific design needs to subject matter experts who can offer timely and cost effective solutions.  SFS tools and infrastructure are available to push the project forward rapidly. 

This integration results in product delivery schedules that far exceed competition, while realizing significant cost savings.

SFS strives to keep company overhead low while not sacrificing capability.  SFS is located in Short Gap, West Virginia, equidistant from the Pittsburgh and Washington DC tech hubs.  This location allows SFS to simultaneously keep overhead costs low while being able to rapidly engage nearby high-tech companies and highly skilled individual contractors.
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