Electronic system design and fabrication is SFS’s heritage business. Our staff includes experienced and creative engineers that truly enjoy making the impossible happen. Core capabilities include, but are not limited to, power conversion, electromechanical systems, analog systems, mixed signal systems, embedded design, high precision positioning systems and industrial automation. More information about our capabilities below.

Electronic Design:

  • Circuit Simulation
  • Schematic Capture & Circuit Card Layout
  • Circuit Card 3D Modeling
Custom Circut Board Design

Electronic Fabrication:

  • SMT Assembly
  • Hot Air Rework
  • Epoxy Encapsulant, Underfill & Conformal Coat
  • Inspection & Quality Control
  • ESD Controlled Assembly
Custom Circut Board Design

Electronic Testing:

  • High Power Load Testing
  • High Speed, Multi-Channel Data Acquisition
  • High Voltage Testing (up to 30kVAC)
  • Thermal Imaging
Custom Circut Board Design

Environmental Testing:

  • Hot Functional Testing to 300F
  • Cold Functional Testing to -70F
  • Thermal Cycling
  • Humidity Testing
Custom Circut Board Design